Ms. Key

5th Grade Math

Period 1 Purpose and Hypothesis

Posted by AKey on October 11, 2006


As a class, we came up with a question or purpose about our topic, plants.

Purpose: How does water travel through plants?

Hypothesis: Prediction
Please state the hypothesis that you came up with for your homework. Each person will type their own hypotheses. Some groups will have 4 statements, while others will have 6.


5 Responses to “Period 1 Purpose and Hypothesis”

  1. P1g4 said

    CA1. It travels through the roots.

    ER2. It travels through the roots and into the stem and to the center of the flower.

  2. P1G1 said

    CR1. I think the water goes through the stem .

    SM 2. I think that the water will travel through the dirt and to the roots.

    DM3. I think the H2O travels by dripping on the soil right by the plant and hits the roots or flow them.

    LO4. My hypothesis is that from the soil and roots,and plants are connected because when you pour the water the plant drinks the water through the stem.And
    hats my guess.

  3. P1G3 said

    TJ1. water travels through roots..what will happen to my project.

    CW2. It travels through the roots unerground.

    NR3 It travels throught hte roots.

    Sv4 It travels through the ground.

    AK5 It travels throught hte ground

    KH6 It travels through the roots

  4. Anonymous said

    AM1. that the water travels througfht the roots and then it goes through the plants.

    DF2 That the wat3er goes into the dirt and travels tro the roots and makes the plants grow.

    LT3 That the water goes throught hte roots

    SA4 The water travels in plants where the roots are.

  5. P1G5 said

    jw1 I think they travel through plants by.

    ES2 I think the soil sucks down the water,then the plants sucks the water from the soil to grow.

    AP3 I think when the water soaks into the plant, it travels to the roots.Once the water has got to the roots, the strength plant to suck in the water.when the water has gone in to the plant, it is able to grow.

    The water gets absorbed from the roots and travels up through the stem and reaches to the plant.

    dj5 i think water travels threw a plant by geting on the flower and travaling threw the stem into the soil.

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