Ms. Key

5th Grade Math

Period 2 Purpose and Hypothesis

Posted by AKey on October 11, 2006


As a class, we came up with a purpose, or question, about our topic, plants.

Purpose: How does water travel in the plants?

Hypothesis: Prediction. How do you think water travels in the plants?

Please type in the hypothesis that you came up with for your homework. Each person will type their own hypothesis. Some groups will have 6 statements while others will have 4.


5 Responses to “Period 2 Purpose and Hypothesis”

  1. P2G5 said

    AG1 I think water travels from the roots, to the stem, to the top part of the plant.

    KC2I think it travels because the seeds observ the water.

    DE3 I think the water travels thorw the roots to make it grow.

  2. P2G3 said

    ST3 I think that the soil sucks up the water then the roots get it and thats how the plant gets water.

    TJ 2 I think water travels through plants by making plauts grow from the soil, and so can the sun help it grow. It can make the water melt down the water down to the plant to make it grow.

  3. P2G2 said

    NH1 I think water travel in the plants by. The soil absorbing
    the water and the roots get them then it goes up.

    KH2 I think water travels through the plants by the roots.

    LV3 I think the water will go in the grass and travel in the soil.

  4. P2g4 said

    PA1 It go thowe the stem and then it grow

    JL2 By the stim and roots in the plant

    AQ3 The water goes through into the roots. then it’s released in the air,and comes from the airand the sun makes it grow.

    XW4 When it’s raining water gets into plants and goes to their stems.

  5. P2G1 said

    AB1 I think the water travels threw the plant by, the cells nocking the water up each level, so that the water gets to each branch.

    JS2 it travels through the stem.

    CJ3 I think that the water travels inside of the plant so it grows.

    HI4 I think water goes up from root to the stem.

    TN5 the water travels down to the root and the drink the water and then the plant grows.

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