Ms. Key

5th Grade Math

Class Eperiment Procedures

Posted by AKey on October 18, 2006


On Tuesday, we discussed the materials of what we will need for our class experiment. You should have these in your notes. For homework, you were supposed to write down the step-by-step process of how to do the experiment. (Procedures)

As a group, read your procedures out-loud to one another and then come up with one set of procedures to post. Make sure you put your period AND group numbers. You may put your initials before the line you typed.


5 Responses to “Class Eperiment Procedures”

  1. P1G1 said

    DM.1. Put 3 quarts of water in a clear cup.
    CR.2. Then put 1 quart of food coloring in the water.
    SM.3. Then you a piece of celery in the cup.
    NM.4 Finnally, you wait to see what happens.

  2. P1G4 said

    1. Put about 3/4 of water in a glass.
    2. Cut the celary with a knife and put it into the glass.
    3. Then add 3-5 drops of food coloring.
    4. Wait a few hours,then use a magnifying glass to observe the celary.
    5. Then write down what observed.

  3. P1G5 said

    ah1. 1.Think about what you want.

    2.get all the stuff you need for your project.

    3.example:a plant,get soil and pur it in the cup.

    4.get a plant and dig it up in the soil.

    5.pour some water in the plant.

    6.put it in the sun for a couple of days.

    7.then you wait till it grows.

  4. P2G1 said

    1.Fill glasses 1/4 full of water.

    2.Now use your plastic knife to cut 2 branches of celery off the stolk of celery.

    3. About (5 or 6) drops of food coloring.

    4. your going to need paper towels to clean up water if it gets on the table or desk.

    5. Watch for color to change with the magnifying glass every day.

    6. you need a plastic knife to cut 2 white cornations.

  5. P2G2 said

    LV.1. You need 1/4 of water.
    KH.2.2 drinking glasses about 6 inchs tall and 3 inchs wide.
    RA.3.Pour the water in the 2 drinking glasses about 16 ounces of
    LV.4.You need celery.
    KH.5.And food coloring get the 2 drinking glasses and put 6 drops in it.
    RA.6.Get paper towels to clean your hands. need plastic knife to cut the extra pieces.
    KH.8.And a magnifying glasses to see what is changing.

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