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Science Fair Project Update

Posted by AKey on November 7, 2006

For both periods, we have worked a class example.

1. We have discussed how to find a topic. We are constantly observing on a daily basis and sometimes not even aware of the fact we are in observation mode. As a class, we decided to do something on plants.

2. We have discussed the 6 steps of the Scientific Method (Purpose, Hypothesis, Research, Experiment, Analysis, and Conclusion) using our class example.

Purpose: How does water travel through plants?

Hypothesis: Many students stated (or posted on my blog) they thougth that water travedl through plants by the roots.

Research: Students did research on the internet to find any information they could on how water travels in plants. (Some went to

Experiment: This is where the students wrote down (in their journals), the materials needed and the procedures.

Analysis: The students discussed that the celery leaves turned red (they used red food coloring) and they made drawings of what the celery looked like from the outside and then what it looked like when I cut it.

Conclusion: The students decided that the water travel as they said it would. Although, it does not travel through the roots, it travels through the tiny tubes called xylem tubes.

We did NOT make a display board as a class, but I did show them some examples of what one should look like. If you would like to check out the link, please click on “Display Board-Science” from the “The Scientific Method Sites” category.

Remember: NO models of Volcanoes or solar systems!


2 Responses to “Science Fair Project Update”

  1. NH said

    Mrs.Key when is the science Fair due. Thank you

  2. AKey said

    The Science Fair Project is due this Friday, Nov. 10. Judging will be next Thursday, November 16. Our PTA program will be next Thursday as well!

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