Ms. Key

5th Grade Math

Science Bragging Corner Nov 18-28

Posted by AKey on November 18, 2006


Write the name of the material that would be the best conductor of heat from the following choices: plastic, glass, wood, or metal?


21 Responses to “Science Bragging Corner Nov 18-28”

  1. p1g2 said


  2. P2G3 said



  3. P2G3 said


  4. P2G1 said


    I thank that plastic is the best conductor of heat.

  5. DE said


  6. P2G4 said



  7. P2G4 said



  8. JS said


  9. P2G4 said

    A.M P1G5

    I think that metal is the best.

  10. P2G5 said


    I thank that metal is the best conductor of heat.

  11. P2G2 said

    A.Q. I think the answer is metal because it takes the lowest time to get burned.

  12. KH said


  13. L.V said

    I think metal because it burns it.

  14. P2G4 said

    i think wood is the best conductor of heat

  15. P1G2 said

    SV i think it would be wood because when two sticks rub together they make fire.

  16. J.L said

    I think it is wood

  17. P2G1 said

    D.H 1.I think it is wood.

    K.C 2.I think it is plastic.

    P.A 3.I think it is glass.

  18. P1G2 said


    I think medal is the best conducter of heat,becouse firemen uses it.Their helments are made of medal so the won’t catch on fire.

  19. AKey said

    If something is a conductor of heat that means it allows it to easily pass through. Here’s one way to look at it…What’s the best conductor of electricity–metal or plastic? Metal, of course! Would you put a penny into a wall outlet and hold it? NO!! It would shock you! If it doesn’t conduct it, then it will absorbed (plastic).
    So, isn’t electricty heat? If a penny is metal and it is a great conductor of electricity, then wouldn’t it be the BEST conductor of heat?

    Good job: NA, DS,DZ, JS, AM, AQ, LV, DJ

  20. P1G5 said

    A.M T.J C.R D.F

    Evaporation is a critical componet water cycle.

  21. P2G1 said

    Dear Miss Key you are nice to us and that is good sowbuy

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