Ms. Key

5th Grade Math

Pizza Party Question

Posted by AKey on December 8, 2006


Ok..let’s figure out how many pizzas we need to order. There are 22 students in class. Let’s say that each of you wants 2 pieces each. If Domino’s cuts their large pizzas into 10 slices, how many pizzas should we order so everyone can have at least 2 pieces? Explain how you got your answer.


5 Responses to “Pizza Party Question”

  1. P1G2 said

    SV, AQ,SL,and IO

    We think the answer is 5 boxes because if you multiply 22 by 2 it equals 4 but there’s 2 people left.

  2. P2G5 said


    We need to order 5 boxes of pizzas,so everyone can have 2 pieces
    `of pizzas.

  3. P2G4 said

    J.H T.N
    A.M A.T

    We are going to need 5 boxes of pizza.Because 50-44 leaves us 6 left.

  4. AKey said

    22 X 2 equals 4? You’re on the right track…..

  5. P2G1 said

    C.J D.H K.C P.A

    You will need five boxes for the whole class.

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