Ms. Key

5th Grade Math

Warm-ups: Jan 25, 2007 (Measurement: Customary Length)

Posted by AKey on January 24, 2007


Show your work:

1. 4 yd = _____ in

2. 52 in= ____yd______ft ____in

3. 8 yd 5 ft 13 in + 5 yd 2 ft 14 in (Convert your final answer if possible)

4. The perimeter of John’s backyard is 72 yd. He wants to buy wood to put around his backyard. However, the store sells the wood by the foot. How many feet of wood should John buy for his backyard?


One Response to “Warm-ups: Jan 25, 2007 (Measurement: Customary Length)”

  1. Anonymous said

    30 feet= yards

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