Ms. Key

5th Grade Math

CSI: Jan 29-Feb 2

Posted by AKey on January 30, 2007


What do we call the process in which a substance changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state. 

Identify your source  (Where you got your information) and give an example of this process.


14 Responses to “CSI: Jan 29-Feb 2”

  1. P1G2 said

    C.A The answer is precipitation on

  2. p2 g1 j.c. said

    I learned that the csi question of the week is condensation.An example we is when we made our terrariums the water would evaporate then it would condense

    is when

  3. p3g4 said

    i learned that the C.S.I question iS a condensation.

  4. nicole said

    i think that the answer is minerals

  5. period3 group4 said

    ithink is condesation maybe like aquirium

  6. AKey said


    Where did you find your information? And you forgot to give an example.

    K.H.: Of couse, you can research the internet! Make sure you cite your source in your response!

  7. P4g1 said


    I learned that the CSI anwser is called condensation.For an axample when it is hot outside and the water evaprates after that it would codense.

    site:From fifth grade science book

  8. P4G1 said


    I leaned that the CSI anwser is called condensarion. When liqed mixed up with gases it makes oil tht somethime gose in to cars.

    Jan,30,2007 Tesuday

  9. J.S p4g3 said

    I thing it is condenson.I got it from gooul.
    exsaple:water going back to the ground

  10. DE said

    I think the CSI answer is condesation,like the Water Cycle.

  11. P1G5 said


    I learned that the answer for the csi is condesation.For an example is a pot on the stove and pick up the lid and water driprs off.And i found my answer at google

  12. p4g4 said

    I learned that the answer is composition.

  13. P4G2 said

    The answer for the week is condensation. An example is when you wake up and outside there is stuff on your car.My dad told me when it was snowing and we were going to Tomthumb.[That is where I got the answer]

  14. AKey said

    P4G2..remember to use your initials so I know who you are!
    Thank you for the answer! We’ll find out from Thursday’s broadcasting to see if it is correct!

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