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CSI: Week of Apr 23, 2007

Posted by AKey on April 24, 2007


What is the ability to do work?  Give an example and tell where you learned this information!


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CSI: Jan 29-Feb 2

Posted by AKey on January 30, 2007


What do we call the process in which a substance changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state. 

Identify your source  (Where you got your information) and give an example of this process.

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CSI: Dec 11-15

Posted by AKey on December 12, 2006


What do we call an animal that kills and eats other animals? Give an example. Where did you find this information?

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CSI: Dec 4-8

Posted by AKey on December 5, 2006


What is the word for this? Give an example and cite your source.

Characteristics in an organism that help it survive in its environment.

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CSI Nov 27-Dec 1

Posted by AKey on November 28, 2006


What is the term for an organism that makes it own food, such as a plant?  Give an example (besides plant) and tell why it is important to have these organisms.  Please cite your source.  (Tell where you got your information.)

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