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Warm-ups: Nov 13, 2007

Posted by AKey on November 13, 2007


Write the prime factorization of:                      

1. 16                                          

2. 24                                          

3. 32                                          


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Warm-ups: Mar 23, 2007

Posted by AKey on March 23, 2007


True or False?  Explain each answer.  Feel free to post your answers!

1.  A polygon has curved lines.

2.  A rectangle is a square.

3.  A square is a rectangle.

4.  A square is a rhombus.

5.  A rhombus is a square.

6.  A trapezoid is a parallelogram.

7.  A rectangle is a parallelogram.

8. Intersecting lines are always perpendicular.

9.  Perpendicular lines always intersect.

10.  A heptagon figure has 6 sides.

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Survey: Due Mon, March 5

Posted by AKey on March 1, 2007

Survey 40 people (20 females and 20 males) this question:

What do you like to do you in your free time? 

1. outside activities  2.  read   3.  nap   4.  watch tv    5.  video games   6.  other

This is what you will need on Monday: 

1.  Make sure you only write the person’s first name and what they chose. You can have one page for the females and one page for the males or front side and back.   

2.  Line Plots (2)-one for males and one for females

3.  Frequency Tables (2)-one for males and one for females

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Posted by AKey on February 28, 2007

Write a definition for these words:

1.  Survey

2.  Line Plot

3.  Frequency Table

4.  Double Bar graph

5.  Axis (Plural form: Axes)

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Warm-ups: Feb 27, 2007

Posted by AKey on February 27, 2007


1.  A rectangle has a length of 10 m and an area of 30 square meters.  Find the perimeter.

2.  The length of a rectangle is 10 in and its perimeter is 32 in.  What is the width of the rectangle?  What is the area? 

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